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Zhejiang JiaYan Commodity Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0579-85868585

Fax: 0579-85868557

Contact: General Ye

Mobile phone: 13605825658

Address: No. 10, Wei Ya Road, Shang Xi industrial zone, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.

Website: www.jiayan.net

Mailbox: jiayan@jiayan.net

Corporate culture

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Corporate belief: "Focus on wet towel 100 years unchanged" reflects our professional and heritage as China's first generation of wet towel manufacturers, Jiayan aims to do a hundred years of brand confidence and persistence.

Staff concept: exploration, innovation, development and creation. All great lies in creation, and the core of creation is the concept of exploration, innovation and development.

Explore, seek truth from facts, face problems, work diligently and professionally.

Innovation: open mind, learn new knowledge, concentrate wisdom and look ahead.

Development - the rewards and diligence, win recognition, lofty aspirations, harmony and common prosperity.

Business purpose: people-oriented

Cherish the people-oriented business purpose is reflected in four interests and a concept. That is, the interests of consumers, channel members, companies and employees, the interests of the state and society, and the concept of talent first.

Jia Yan brand culture

Understand the real demand, no longer affected by the trend, do not follow blindly, do not follow suit.

We should concentrate on the key points we really need, enhance the ability of professional fields, better research and development of innovative products, perfect quality and process control, and make every product with our heart.

Respecting the difference between individuals, different groups of people give different concerns. Focus all your energy on one or two spiritual activities that you really want to engage in, think deeply, carve minimalist culture into every product and make it the soul of the product.

Only buy boutique, really what they need, buy what is needed, and enjoy it.

Do not spend wrongful money, do not buy things that you regret, so as to maximize economic benefits, maximize the value of goods.

Jiayan brand "wet towel, wet toilet paper" series products, always adhere to the simple cultural concept of nature, wholeheartedly, full-time hygiene supplies, advocate a healthy life!


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