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Where are the advantages of paper packaging pipette?

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Where are the advantages of paper packaging pipette?

Date of release:2018-08-27 Author: Click:

Have you ever used paper to wrap straw in your life? Paper-wrapped straw is a cylindrical, hollow plastic product whose main function is to drink drinks in cups, but also to suck some of the bone marrow of cooked animals. Let's learn about the advantages of paper-wrapped straw.

Paper-packed straw conforms to the concept of environmental protection, is conducive to environmental protection, product packaging is exquisite, paper-packed straw quality is good, low price, good quality, set up transparent film can make the straw socket before the straw to avoid pollution, conducive to health and epidemic prevention and protection, when used directly tear open transparent film inserted into the straw. Yes.

The utility model has the advantages that an opening is arranged on the outer packing bag body of the straw, the opening is located at one end of the straw, and a sealing strip is arranged at the opening, and the sealing strip blocks the opening. This paper-packed straw is easy to wrap and take out the straw without removing the bag from the beverage box to maintain environmental hygiene.

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