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How to classify wet wipes?

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How to classify wet wipes?

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Press material

There are two kinds of wet towels according to the material: one is wet strength paper, the other is non-woven cloth, most of the wet towels are made of non-woven cloth, and then subdivided, the raw material of non-woven cloth mostly spunlaced;

Wet towels are classified from the material aspect, which can be divided into two kinds: full polyester and cotton, full polyester feel hard and smooth, cotton feel soft;

According to the process

Wet towels are classified from the technical aspects, which can be divided into cross-laying and forward-laying. The pulling force of cross-laying is more uniform in each direction.

By user

Wet wipes can be divided into adult wet wipes and baby wipes. The baby wipes are highly demanding and can not be added with alcohol, flavors, stimulant, fluorescent agents and so on.

Press the original liquid

To add, the raw liquid used in wipes can not be said to be all potions, but RO pure water + disinfectant. Disinfectant content should be scientifically matched, before and after meals or in the absence of water and soap to clean hands and face, wet towel is still a better choice.

In addition, besides the common wipes used for skin cleaning, the disposable surface disinfection wipes are more popular in the world. This kind of wipes can not be equated with the common sanitary wipes. This kind of surface disinfection wipes mainly act on the surface of the object, not the human body, and the germicidal spectrum is wider, bacteria, viruses (hepatitis B, AIDS and other viruses) can be killed. Domestic use is becoming popular.

Among the many surface disinfection wipes, the wipes with low concentration of hydrogen peroxide as disinfection ingredient are the safest, corrosive and harmless. Peroxide is a major trend in Europe and North America in the field of surface disinfection.

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