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How to buy wet wipes at shopping malls?

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How to buy wet wipes at shopping malls?

Date of release:2018-08-27 Author: Click:

The quality of wet wipes produced by famous brands is reliable. Most people will choose famous brands as their first choice.

When choosing and purchasing, we should also distinguish between high-quality and low-quality wipes. High-quality wipes will have a soft and elegant fragrance, without any irritating odor, while low-quality wipes have obvious irritating odor, and need to pay attention to check the product information of wipes packaging, alcohol wipes should not be purchased, if it is a baby wipes. We must see clearly that the baby wipes are alcohol free, fragrance free, non irritating and non fluorescent. Generally speaking, high-quality wet towels are usually made of non-woven fabrics, with vertical and horizontal mesh Spunlaced non-woven fabrics as the best, soft and white texture, compact and thick feel, poor quality wet towels are thin and easy to deform. In use, high-quality wet towel will not hair, poor-quality wet towel is obvious hair phenomenon, has a stimulating effect on the skin.

The sealing of the package must be good, and there must be no damage, leakage, leakage and other phenomena, the best choice is to buy a sealed wet towel packaging. It should be noted that disinfection wipes have a certain shelf-life, after the shelf-life, which will reduce the composition of disinfection, therefore, before use to see whether the wipes in the shelf-life. At the same time, pay attention to the purchase of wipes must be approved by the health sector. If these conditions are available, the wet wipes you bought can be foolproof.

Finally, when choosing and purchasing, we should also pay attention to the functional positioning of wet tissue paper, generally divided into two types: ordinary type and sterilization type, ordinary type refers to the role of cleaning, the latter has a strong bactericidal effect. They can clean skin and body surfaces, work areas and skin surfaces. It has 99.9% bactericidal effect on E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

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