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Development prospect of wet towel industry

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Development prospect of wet towel industry

Date of release:2018-08-27 Author: Click:

Many enterprises just try to enter the wet towel market, and do not regard it as a completely independent product category, at the same time, because it can not be as ordinary paper towel market for the time being, become a necessity for people, so by the overall market sales, manufacturer promotion investment and consumer awareness of its many. There is a certain distance between the wet towel market and the real independent market. "But we must see that in recent years, consumers'spontaneous acceptance of wet towels has gradually matured, do more enterprises, buy more people, wet towel market is facing a great opportunity."

Industry forecasts that China's wet towel market is in a "blowout bedding period", will be a small thing to break the ice and pull the growth of the industry as a whole. Can influenza be a small thing during a special period? The types of wet towels in China are mostly confined to ordinary cleaning and antibacterial types. The types of wet towels in the world, especially in North America, Europe and other developed countries and regions are far beyond the scope of people's understanding. The surface disinfection wet towels are a popular example in foreign countries, which has just sprung up in China. Therefore, the domestic wet towel market also needs to be in line with international standards. Businesses also understand that market trends are out of control and that once the wet towel Market springs up, they have to follow suit quickly. In this sense, the market explosion of wet wipes is only a matter of time.

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