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How to tell the true and false of baby wipes

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How to tell the true and false of baby wipes

Date of release:2018-08-28 Author: Click:

1. First of all, put the baby wipes on the nose to smell, if it is a good baby wipes can smell a soft and elegant taste, it does not have any irritation. And inferior wet wipes, when people smell, will feel very obvious irritating smell.

2. High-quality wet towels are made of high-quality raw materials. We can see that the non-woven fabric is white without any impurities. Huanzhou baby wipes show that the raw materials of poor quality wipes are very poor, we can see that there are obvious impurities above, high quality wipes in the use of the process, will not have a clear appearance of hair, and poor quality wipes in the use of the process has a very significant appearance of hair.

3, after taking out wet towel, if wet towel already produced mildew, grew mildew dot, this kind of wet towel do not want to use. If in the use of wet towels in the process of feeling the skin has a stimulating effect, compared with itching, pain this feeling, also probably immediately stop using, to avoid harm to the skin.

4. Carefully check the endorsement of the goods and select the products of the regular manufacturers with the specific factory site, service telephone, hygiene standards, enterprise standards and relevant health department record numbers.

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