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Corporate Culture

Brand Culture

Jiayan Commodities is committed to the design and development of people's daily life products. The brand culture of "great career comes from insignificant action, while details make the difference" makes us insist on doing every little thing wholeheartedly, strictly controlling the quality of products, and striving to make every product worthwhile for our customers. We hope to make "Made by Jiayan" enter millions of homes and become an indispensable part of building a better daily life for people.

Corporate Culture

Development Philosophy

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    Sustainability concept

    Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the environmental protection concept of cleaner production and followed the compliance obligations regarding environmental management; introduced ISO14001 environmental management system and monitored the operation of the system in real time to maintain the effectiveness of the system, promoted the continuous improvement of environmental protection governance and pursued the harmonious development of economy and environment. The company attaches importance to energy saving and environmental protection: actively organising energy saving and consumption reduction activities, carrying out work with cleaner production methods, building into an enterprise authorized Zhejiang Green Production Certification. The concept of energy saving and environmental protection runs through our entire manufacturing process. We are committed to building environmentally friendly green factories by continuously improving production processes, optimising production techniques, researching new environmentally-friendly and energy-saving technologies, reducing material and energy consumption, and reducing waste. The company also carries out regular monitoring of pollutant emissions and hands over solid waste to qualified units for disposal. The company has never had an accident of environmental pollution to date. In addition, the company attaches importance to education on energy saving and cleaner production, and through diversified publicity channels and training, the concept of cleaner production is deeply rooted in people's hearts.

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    Innovation concept

    So far, throughout the development of Jiayan, there is one idea that has been driving Jiayan forward, and that is innovation. We are well aware that in an era where everything is changing rapidly, the only way we can keep up with the ever-changing needs of consumers is to constantly innovate our product design and technology. We insist on being at the forefront of technology in the production of daily products such as straws and wet wipes, enhancing our ability in our field of expertise, grasping trends and providing our customers with new industry advice to help them understand the needs of their target markets and design more appropriate and distinctive products.

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    Integrity concept

    No man can succeed without faith, no business can prosper without faith. We believe that integrity is the cornerstone of business existence and the foundation of business cooperation. We strive to do a good job in managing and building the integrity of our company and team, to seriously deal with every pre-sales and after-sales customer demand to their satisfaction, and to build our reputation in every detail of our products and services. Friendly cooperation and mutual benefit and win-win situation are our time-honoured principles.


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