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Mr. Rongxu Ye, the founder of Zhejiang Jiayan Commodities Co., Ltd., was born in 1963 in a small village in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, China. Born in a poor family, he developed a strong will from childhood and did not give in to fate. After several failed business ventures, he learned his lessons, gradually overcame the difficulties with his unremitting efforts, and then established Zhejiang Jiayan Commodities Co., Ltd. in 1994, mainly producing various types of straws and soon became a pioneer in the industry.
In the following years, Mr. Rongxu Ye devoted himself to building a well-known enterprise in the industry of the production of straws, but did not limit his attention to this. In 2003, after the SARS epidemic, he was keenly aware of the importance of disinfectant wipes to the world of hygiene and the huge market behind them. In 2005, he raised funds and started investing in the production of disinfectant wipes, boldly leading the company of Jiayan to enter a whole new field, in which we have made a splash and extended our product line both vertically and horizontally to those industries include non-woven and soft wipes.
Mr. Rongxu Ye firmly believes that we will continue to expand our product range, but it should be based on our unrelenting pursuit of quality control and innovation for straws, wipes or any of our existing products. Excellence is what we insist on. With a professional and careful attitude, it is our constant aim to take responsibility for every product we produce and for every customer who places their trust in us.


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