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Spunlace Fabric in Healthcare: A Versatile Solution for Medical Applications

Spunlace fabric,as a special textile structure,has been widely used in healthcare,medical and hygiene products. It is a kind of interlaced fabric,which is mainly composed of continuous fibers and formed by a single-end sliver spun-jetting machine or double-end sliver spun-jetting machine.
The characteristics of spunlace fabric are as follows:
High porosity: spunlace fabric has high porosity and good air permeability. It can effectively remove moisture and sweat from the skin surface of the human body and keep the skin dry and comfortable.
Good elasticity: spunlace fabric has good elasticity and can fit the human body curve well. It can provide good wearing comfort and support.
Good barrier performance: spunlace fabric has good barrier performance and can effectively prevent water and dust from penetrating into the inside of the garment. It is suitable for wearing in various complex environments.
Good toughness: spunlace fabric has good toughness and can withstand abrasion and wear. It is more durable and can be used for a long time.
Easy to clean: spunlace fabric can be washed with water and washed repeatedly without damage to its performance, which is convenient for cleaning and care.
Spunlace fabric can be used in medical dressings, patient clothing, hygiene materials and other products in the field of healthcare, which can provide effective protection and comfort for human health.
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