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SJ01Naive Baby Little Elephant 10 PCS Portable Baby Wet Wipes

Naive Baby 10 PCS Wet Wipes are lightweight and compact, designed for travel to ease the burden of parents on the go. These wipes can efficiently protect your baby's delicate skin cause its moisturising formula, enriched natural aloe vera plant extracts and vitamin E. For packaging, we can offer a wide range of quantity options such as single, 10 and 12 pieces, as well as packaging methods such as four-sided sealing and three-sided sealing. Welcome to contact us for product customization service!


Product details

Materials:  Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric, Vitamin E, Aloe Essence
Sheet Size: 12×16 cm
Product Benefits: Softening, Clean, PH Balancing, Hypoallergenic
Skin Type: Sensitive
Certificate: FDA, GMPC, CE, BSCI
Usage: Baby skin and daily utensils cleaning
About Company

Zhejiang Jiayan Daily Commodity Co., Ltd is a professional SJ01Naive Baby Little Elephant 10 PCS Portable Baby Wet Wipes manufacturers and SJ01Naive Baby Little Elephant 10 PCS Portable Baby Wet Wipes suppliers. We have a modern standard factory building of about 15,000 square meters, implement a fully enclosed, fully air-conditioned, fully purified production environment, and implement strict production hygiene standards . We specialize in wholesale SJ01Naive Baby Little Elephant 10 PCS Portable Baby Wet Wipes and other vertical products. The factory has a modern standard workshop of about 15000 square meters, implements a fully closed, fully air-conditioned and fully purified production environment, and requires more than 400 front-line employees to implement strict production hygiene standards. In addition, the factory is equipped with more than 60 full-automatic pipette production lines, more than 10 full-automatic wet towel production lines, and more than 10 cotton soft towel and non-woven fabric production lines, which can meet the high capacity demand of large orders. R&D and innovation is the company's unchanging purpose. Our products are packaged in a variety of forms. The factory currently has four major series of straws, namely plastic straws, paper straws, PLA straws and PETG straws, with more than 200 products; There are 15 series of wipes, such as baby wipes, alcohol wipes, makeup removal wipes, kitchen wipes, wet toilet paper, down jacket wipes, etc. There are more than 100 products, in addition to dozens of cotton wipes, non-woven fabrics and other products. Choosing us is equivalent to having a powerful factory that fully supports you. We not only have rich experience in OEM/ODM customization, but also have strict control over product quality, and have passed a number of international authoritative certifications, such as: ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, GMPC, FSC, FDA, LFBG and CE. Our products are exported to the world, and have been unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign merchants. Welcome to Zhejiang Jiayan Commodity Co., Ltd!

Quality assurance

  • Raw material control

    Our company has its own strict screening system for qualified suppliers, and the procurement department strictly selects raw material suppliers to ensure the safety and stability of raw material sources. All materials are non irritant and harmless to human skin; they can meet the requirements of EU and US for material quality standards

  • Production control

    100000 level purification workshop, weekly detection of air settling bacteria, table bacteria, etc. in the clean area, and detection and disinfection and sterilization of bacteria on the hands of personnel, clean production, to ensure safety and high quality

  • Strict quality inspection

    We have a strict quality control system. Skilled workers pay attention to every detail in the production and packaging process, and the laboratory will also inspect semi-finished products and finished products. Testing includes microbiological testing and other tests to further ensure the stability and quality of the product.

Third party inspection

We support third-party inspection and can provide customers with quality assurance documents such as test reports. We will try our best to meet your requirements+ Display of quality related certificates

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